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Ryan Van Riper

Bob has been assisting me with business decisions and preparing my individual and business taxes since 2005. He always has great insight into the proper tax management techniques. ​

Maier CPA LLC is proud to rely on a network of referrals from all types of individuals and organizations. Please read on to learn about the experiences our clients continue to enjoy with Maier CPA LLC working for them. If this sounds like the kind of experience you need to take the next step, please contact Maier CPA LLC for an initial consultation, or with any further questions or comments you might have. To leave a testimonial of your own, please contact Maier CPA LLC. We appreciate your support.

Andrew Kaukl

Bob handled a large variety of clients, and consistently worked to achieve positive results for both the client and the firm. He took time to mentor others, and he was a pleasure to work with. Clients always seemed to hold Bob in high regard.​

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